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What are passphrases?
Passphrases are combinations of a few common words. They attempt to provide credentials that are more secure, yet easier to remember.
What does a passphrase look like?
We may refer to our divine inspirator xkcd: correct horse battery staple is a perfect example for a passphrase.
What is the difference between passwords and passphrases?
They use different approaches to create a short text block which should be hard to find out. Passwords use multiple elements (the characters) out of a small set (a-zA-Z0-9 plus maybe &%$= special characters). Passphrases combine few elements (the words) of a much bigger set (2048 in the xkcd example).
Do you store?
We do not store anything, neither on server nor on client. Simply close the browser window and everything that happened is gone.
Legal implications?
We provide passphrases on an as-is basis. We take no responsibilty for any further use of a passphrase, especially, but not limited to, not for its suitability for any intent. Any copyright infringements by passphrase content are purely unintentional and not reproducible.
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Ich bin Blindtext. Von Geburt an. Es hat sehr lange gedauert, bis ich begriffen habe, was es bedeutet, ein blinder Text zu sein. Man macht keinen Sinn, man wirkt hier und da aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen, oft wird man gar nicht erst gelesen. Aber bin ich deshalb ein schlechter Text? Ich weiß, daß ich niemals die Chance haben werde, auf der OeNB-Website zu erscheinen, aber bin ich darum weniger wichtig? Ich bin blind! Aber ich bin gerne ein Text, und sollten Sie mich jetzt tatsächlich zu Ende lesen, dann habe ich etwas geschafft, was den meisten „normalen” Texten nicht gelingt.
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Frequently asked questions
How to use

If you only want to generate a passphrase then you are almost there. The default settings provide sensible parameters. Click on generate to create a new passphrase or use the get new buttons to alternate single words. Modify your passphrase until you got something that makes sense only to you und is easy to remember. Click on the passphrase, if it is not already selected, and copy it to your clipboard with Ctrl-C.

Get more possibilities by changing the options. Select between various dictionaries [soon to come], vary the allowed length range of the words. Altering the number of words has an heavy impact on security. Passphrases that consist of more words are harder to guess, but may be less easy to remember.

The wordlist that your phrase is derived from can be customized, if you use a local dictionary. After activating the Local dictionary checkbox, the currently used dictionary is downloaded and displayed in a box. You can modify it, extend it or replace it with your own wordlist. Think of wordlists consisting of fish or flower names. Or special wordlists for children. You could even use Shakespeare's complete works as a dictionary—repeated words will be ignored and too short words will be filtered out. Not every device may be capable of processing the amount of data, though.

Using a custom wordlist will make your passphrases even more secure, as the attacker can not use a known dictionary.

A few rules apply:

  • The wordlist must contain at least 2048 unique words.
  • Use only standard A-Z letters. [Will change with the dawn of I18n on the project.]
  • No hyphenization. Not even hyphens. Follows, no hyphen-joined words.
  • Please separate the words with whitespace, that is, newlines and/or blanks.
These wordlists are kept local on your device, and are never transferred to the server or anywhere else. They are also not stored locally. That means, if you close or reload the browser window, changes will be lost. You have to keep a copy of your dictionary in some editor, if changes are important.

A little Easter Egg

We have incorporated a small example model into the generator, to make explaining easier. Just use the words correct horse battery staple as your wordlist.

What? It did not work? How embarassing. In fact there is a good chance you let the horse get away. Most people do. You do if you see 3 of 4 words selected over the generate button. Which means, the minimum word length is at the standard setting of 6 (or even higher), and does not include the five-letter-word horse. Once you fixed that, it works. Or, most times it does.

In slotmachine mode, many phrases contain the same word more than once. Let us show why this is important. If a word may appear once, three choices are available for the second word, then two for the third, and the last one pays the bill. Giving only 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24 combinations. If every word is allowed to appear in every place, there are 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 256 possible combinations.

So, if you cut out duplicates, you reduce the number of possible choices and therefore security. Of course, with a minimum size directory of 2048 words, duplicates are much much much less frequent. But this fact allows us to let the processes to select each word independently from each other. [is this of any relevance?] [2bc]

Passwords && Passphrases

How to contact

Legal implications

About the project

Our goal with this site is to gain focus on security in a playful, creative way.

First was the idea that a passphrase generator could be a nice little project to play around with. Next we found out that the domain was still unregistered. And that was it. Brainstorm, stuff ideas into the wiki, let it ripen some weeks. Let it gather momentum. And then start to code. Materialize our ideas. Code, code. This is the hot fingers phase. Functionality and design condense into a product, while losing the beauty of simplicity. Now the site creates work by itself. Content has to be filled in, various ends are to be joined. Another problem solved. Working towards a proof of concept. Then...


We are currently in dire need of funding, hence the following proposal:

  • Any donation from you finances a certain amount of development time at, depending on the amount. We will include your name or pseudonym in a list of donations together with the respective advancement it made possible. An entry may read Dagobert Duck donated multi-dictonary support.</li>

Paypal accepts transfers to us under the account peter.rodinger <at>